At we have the prescription to inject your bookie business with a super dose of profits and protection.

Here are a few amazing features of our unique and custom made cost per head service:

1 – Custom Price per Head Software
Our software is unique. It isn’t DGS, ASI or any of the common sportsbook software that is used commonly in our industry. Instead we created our own software. This allows us a MUCH Greater degree of customization and product quality control.


See many times when you ask for a change and they take forever and can’t do it? Most of the time it is lazzines, but some times it is due to the software being someone else’s. They simply can’t change many features. Like living in a rented house, there are restrictions.


Since we here at have created our own software, you and your players will be able to access a highly customized and refined product.


Furthermore, since the software is OURs and we have a large development team of programmers, if you need something special you get it! That is one of many advantages of going with a company that has enough scale to create their own product instead of reselling someone else’s.


2- More Profit Boosting Features Than ANY of our Competitors

Sports betting is a seasonal activity. Sure, after football there is always March Madness and some bookies even make some money during baseball, but for the most part, between February and September it can be a little hard to manage cash flow issues.


That is why we have more features than any of our competitors for you to offer your players.


The first one we must mention is horse racing. We cover all the major tracks, with up to date lines and quality horse racing software.


The best part of our racebook is we give it to you… FOR FREE! Yeap, if you pay your $10/head, you get horses as a freebie.


Another freebie we give away for FREE that most don’t offer is Lottery.  We give odds on all major lotteries across the US and Canada. This feature has proven to boost customer spending by an average of $500+/year. Not much, but if you have 20 players that can start to add up.


We also provide you with free parley cards and office pool software.


Other special features we provide you that can boost your revenue include Poker, Live Casino and Digital Casino – These extras have an additional cost though.




3- The Only TRULY Reliable and Customer Satisfaction Oriented PPH Shop

We are obssesive about reliability.


You see, one day many years ago the owner of had one of his own players try to place a $75k wagers just before kick off.


The shop he was using had downtime JUST as this square whale placed his wager. Because of that, the wager did not go through. It was a losing wager.


Those 32 minutes of downtime cost the owner of this company over $2k/minute.


After that, he decided he would create his own shop.


A place where EVERYONE in the company understood the importance of doing their job right. Especially IT.


That is why we have invested so heavily in getting the best servers, in hiring the best programmers, project managers and Quality Assurance staff.


We make sure EVERYTHING is ALWAYS running for you.


We make sure you and your customers are taken are of.


When you call in for a change, you get someone on the other end of the line who KNOWS WHAT he is doing.


Your changes many times get applied in the moment, during your call. That means you won’t have to wait 24 hours or more just to limit a player on something, or get some tiny thing done.


We know you and your players are doing business, and we treat your business as if it were our own. With care and quality in EVERYTHING being done.